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When you purchase from ScarletDeep, 1% of profits are donated to Books for Africa. This is a charitable organization that collects books and distributes them to the African continent to end book famine in the country. With this organization, 99.2% of donations are given directly to the program and services. They also accept new and gently used books along with volunteering opportunities. Books for Africa is a highly recommended charity. They have established trust in the community to use donations where it's needed most! If you're interested in learning more, please visit booksforafrica.org.

Why Books For Africa? ScarletDeep believes in the power of reading! Reading enriches lives by reducing stress, improves brain health and lessens symptoms of anxiety and depression. Other reading benefits include increased knowledge, improvement of writing skills, expansion of creativity, allowance of healthy escape to another reality, increased happiness and enhancement of overall life satisfaction. The founder of ScarletDeep was a passionate reader as a child and found her way back to reading more books as an adult. Reflecting on the joy and benefits of reading, it is a tragedy that books are not readily available in Africa. ScarletDeep decided to become part of the solution by selecting this charity for donation of profit. Please consider donating your time and resources to this wonderful organization. Lets work together to end the book famine in Africa!